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Hillary Meets Her Text Meme Creators

The guys behind Texts From Hillary didn't believe it was really the State Department on the phone. But it was.
"It was sort of unbelievable. Her staff had emailed us yesterday, said that they liked the site and that the Secretary wanted to meet us. They asked if we could come over to the State Department, and we of course said, 'Sure, we'd love to!'" Lambe tells Metro Weekly, "Because the initial outreach came through email, I think both of us were in disbelief that it was even real. We Googled the name, asked if it was real. I was like, 'Is this a really bad version of Punk'd?' "It was very surprising to get any kind of outreach from her office, let alone a submission -- which they definitely had to tell us a few times, 'Hey, that really is from her,'" he says.
Read the entire story at Metro Weekly.

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