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HomoQuotable - Scott Rossi

"OccuPride is not out to shut down Pride. We love Pride, and many of us are involved in a number of ways with the event and the organization this year. That said, Pride is a lot of things to a lot of people. Its historical roots are a radical action centered around Queer Liberation, not celebrating consumer assimilation. We're choosing to bring attention to the fact that we're including and celebrating companies that are doing horrible things to LGBT people and the world. Just because companies like Wells Fargo and Bank of America were kind to us back in the day doesn't excuse the fraud, illegal foreclosures and displacement of so many millions of people the last few years.

"Kaiser Permanente is among a number of health care insurers that do not cover surgery for transgender people. Verizon and AT&T allowed the government to spy on us and tried to conceal that from their customers. The list goes on and on. LGBT rights are Human rights and just because a company made a decision to treat us decently in the past doesn't mean that we should overlook or ignore what they do! The idea that we can't have Pride without corporate money and sponsorship is insulting to those that came before, and those that did it starting out as illegal assemblies in public parks." - Scott Rossi of OccuPride San Francisco, in an emailed response to my request for a statement.

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