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Wingnuts To Picket NEA Convention

Damn those socialist teachers, always demanding fair pay, union representation, and full civil equality for all Americans. Communists, every one! No wonder the teabaggers are planning to "picket-and-pray" outside next month's NEA convention.
Citizens and conservative leaders who have serious disagreements with the radical agenda of the NEA leadership over issues like abortion, gun ownership, homosexuality, sex education, climate change, illegal immigration, etc. should take advantage of this ideal venue to deliver a strong, front-page message of rebuke directly to the nearly 10,000 members of NEA's leadership cadre -- with hundreds of news media organizations present to cover the story. Why do millions of Americans oppose the NEA leadership? Why do hundreds of thousands of NEA members resent being forced to join -- or pay steep agency fees if they don't? It's because the NEA leadership's extremist, left-wing, ultra-liberal positions in social, moral, and political issues have nothing to do with collective bargaining. NEA's leftist 'educrats' have dragged the union through the mud of dozens of divisive issues and candidate endorsements. It must stop.

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