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Email Of The Day - Eugene Delgaudio

"Joe, On July 7, Barney Frank shocked the nation by becoming the first Congressman in history to enter into a homosexual 'marriage'. It is just outrageous my friend. The timing of this insult to American values is not coincidental. With Obama’s recent public endorsement of homosexual 'marriage,' the Homosexual Lobby and their allies in government are pushing hard to pass the Offense of Marriage Act before this year is over.

'The radical homosexuals and their agents are desperate to pass as many pieces of radical legislation as they can before the elections shake things up. Frank's 'marriage' to Mr. Jim Ready was a calculated move to forward the homosexual 'marriage' agenda while undermining the Defense of Marriage Act. This will likely be the most dangerous year the American Family has ever faced. It is up to you and me to make sure that their dream of national homosexual 'marriage' never comes true." - Eugene Delgaudio, self-proclaimed Public Advocate of the United States.

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