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Kathy Griffin: I'm Worried For Anderson

Kathy Griffin says she's happy that her buddy Anderson Cooper finally came out, but that she's also worried for him. She writes for the Daily Beast:
Look, I’m a comedian. Anderson reports on the world’s toughest stories. He speaks truth to power. I, on the other hand, make fun of the spectacularly silly world of reality television and Hollywood’s fame whores (and those who love them). I don’t pretend to understand the complexities of the worlds Anderson moves in. But I do know that I don’t want my friend to face that part of the world, where he might die a very different kind of death than someone who isn’t quite so honest. Here’s the thing: I love my friend Anderson and remain immensely proud of him. And I’m honored, truly, that he considers me a friend. But I just want him to be careful. Of course he wouldn’t be doing his job if he really were being careful. And he wouldn’t be who he is.
It's really an astonishingly thoughtful essay, one in which Griffin name-checks Uganda, Lawrence v Texas, Stonewall, and America's gayborhoods. Recommended.

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