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Today's Silly Lie From NOM

As they continue to flog their humiliating fail of a Starbucks boycott, yesterday NOM announced a national partnership with coffee company Jitters & Bliss, who unlike Starbucks is staying "neutral in the culture wars." Well, no.
Our Mission: As stewards of God's many blessings, we strive to be a world-class purveyor of fine coffees by delivering outstanding quality, service, and value to each of our customers through a family business governed by sound Christian principles.
NOM's Jonathan Baker writes:
Let me be clear. Jitters and Bliss has not, as a corporation, taken a position in the debate over marriage. Just like every company, they have customers, employees, and vendors who hold personal views on what marriage ought to be. They are committed to honoring those views by maintaining a neutral corporate position on marriage. Great coffee for a fair price from a company that respects the diverse views of all of their customers on marriage.
As added lying hilarity, the word "marriage" is the 5% discount code on the Jitters & Bliss website.

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