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Breitbart Headline Of The Day

Another day, another Breitbart distortion that they've blown up into "Obama calls Navy SEALS 'gutless.'" What's really going on is that there's a small group of former Navy SEALS whose leader has just come out as a birther, calling President Obama a socialist who was raised by communists in a foreign country and saying that the president is "trying to hog all the glory" for the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

In response to that story, a Media Matters blogger tweeted: "Former Navy SEALs don’t have guts to admit they’re running a GOP, anti-Obama campaign." Which Breitbart is now spinning this way:
It’s a classy move. But what else would you expect from an Obama administration flunky who thinks that slandering military members is no problem so long as Obama gets re-elected? What else would you expect from a movement that tries to prevent the counting of military ballots to ensure Democratic re-election? What else would you expect from Media Matters?
You'll note that the above Breitbart headline doesn't match the post's URL, showing that editors changed it after its first posting to add Obama's name. And now every wingnut is gleefully tweeting: "GASP! Obummer calls hero Navy Seals GUTLESS!1!!1!"

Golf clap, Breitbart.

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