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Nebraska Follows Jan Brewer's Lead

Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman said yesterday that he too will deny driver's licenses and public benefits to young immigrants now eligible for deferred deportation status.
"They shouldn't be here if they're not here legally," Heineman told reporters. "That's the whole problem, and I've talked to you guys about this many, many times. When you don't secure the border, have a speedier technological way to legal immigration, and you won't address the issue that we've got 15 million illegal immigrants in the country right now, we end up with these situations."
Here's the statement from Heineman's official website:
“President Obama’s deferred action program to issue employment authorization documents to illegal immigrants does not make them legal citizens. The State of Nebraska will continue its practice of not issuing driver’s licenses, welfare benefits or other public benefits to illegal immigrants unless specifically authorized by Nebraska statute.”

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