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PENNSYLVANIA: Democratic U.S. House Candidate Evolves On Marriage

Pennsylvania U.S. House candidate Matt Cartwright says it took him longer than the president, but he's come around on same-sex marriage. Cartwright defeated ten term Rep. Tim Holden in the Democratic primary.
Cartwright said he was not pressured to make the decision but it’s something he spent a long time contemplating. “It wasn’t any ‘ah-ha’ moment,” Cartwright said. “One thing I didn’t want to be was rushed into (making a decision). It seemed like Vice President Biden rushed the president into it. “I just kept thinking it over in my mind and I didn’t see a good reason to discriminate against a substantial population of American citizens,” he said. Cartwright, 51, said while older people are reluctant to accept gay marriage, many younger, more progressive people don’t see why it shouldn’t be legalized.
Cartwright faces Scranton Tea Party founder Laureen Cummings, whose campaign slogan is "Restore The Republic." Her "top priorities" are overturning Obamacare, ending abortion, and thwarting LGBT rights. Both Cartwright and Cummings have never held public office. Visit Cartwright's campaign site.

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