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NYPD Increases Subway Security As Pam Geller's Anti-Islam Ads Get Defaced

Pam Geller's anti-Islam ads have only been up for a couple of days in New York's subway and the NYPD has already had to increase security in the stations that feature the billboards, some of which were defaced within hours of going up.
Riders also said the ads make them fear for their safety, because the subways have long been pegged as a terrorism target and because of the violent protests in the Middle East over a low-budget anti-Muslim movie. “I think it’s dangerous. There are people who will take it to the next level,” said Joanne Behan, a regular subway rider from Brooklyn. “Some people believe that Americans are against Muslims and this can add to that. I don’t think they should be up.” The NYPD quietly increased its presence at the stations with the ads — which include 28th Street on the 6 line and 34th Street on the 1 line, sources said. Those stations will undergo extra scrutiny from transit police and beat cops alike, both underground and on street level, the sources said.
Geller has posted a screeching denouncement of the New York Post, claiming that they are in collusion with the MTA and the Muslim Brotherhood against her. Or something.

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