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Quote Of The Day - John Piper

"Whether sexual orientation can change or not, hearts can change and turn any sexual orientation into an occasion for the glory of Christ. [snip] The Bible is not unclear that same-sex attraction is disordered (Romans 1:26–27), and that same-sex intercourse (as all adultery and fornication) is sin (1 Corinthians 6:9). Therefore, those with same-sex attraction glorify Christ through sexual abstinence and through the enrichment of significant Christ-exalting relationships in other ways.

"There are not simply three groups: Heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual. There are hundreds of variations of impulses that make up our peculiar sexual identities. This means that 'change' is not a movement from one of three groups to another of three groups. Rather, it is a totally unpredictable reconfiguration of dozens of impulses and desires. And these desires and impulses are interwoven with dozens of personal and relational and spiritual realities, all of which are moving and shifting as God and his word and his people come to bear on the totality of a person's life. Is change possible? From this perspective change is inevitable." - Pastor John Piper, from his blog Desiring God.

NOTE: Yesterday FRC president Tony Perkins approvingly tweeted out a link to Piper's post.  In the past Perkins has acknowledge that people may be born gay.

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