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Staten Island Borough President Calls Lady Gaga A Drug-Using Slut

Staten Island borough president James Molinaro yesterday declared that Lady Gaga is a drug-using slut because she was photographed smoking a joint in Amsterdam.
Molinaro made his remarks in Borough Hall on Monday at a launch event for Staten Island's Tackling Youth Substance Abuse program. He stood alongside a poster board with the legend "Stop glorifying drug use in the media" and two photos of the pop singer lighting up, as he launched into his criticism. "Also, we have to understand that there's a tremendous influence with our youth, which I didn't have as a youth. And there's the influence right there," he said, gesturing to the photos. "Stop glorifying the drug use. "There's Gaga. Here's this ... this ... I would call her a slut. This slut is influencing many, many children ... and it's right to do. It's fine, it's part of it," he noted sarcastically. "My niece has two daughters, 12 and 14, [and] they love this woman. Why? Why?"
Residents of New York City's four other boroughs reacted to Molinaro's remarks by recommitting to their successful lifelong plan of never visiting Staten Island.

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