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HomoQuotable - Frank Bruni

"As for anti-gay crusaders’ fixation with indoctrination, I’d like them to explain how so many of us turned out gay or lesbian despite having straight parents and, in my day, being exposed to movies, TV shows and Top 40 songs that portrayed an almost exclusively heterosexual world. I’d also like them to meet Jeff DeGroot, 27, a law student here who has been giving public speeches in support of the Washington referendum. He grew up in Oregon with two mothers — “the most wonderful parents in the world,” he told me — who went to all his hockey games, nagged him about his homework and have now been together for 38 years. They were even married to each other briefly after a county clerk in Oregon began to grant same-sex marriage licenses in 2004. The Oregon Supreme Court nullified those weddings the following year, devastating them, he said. Surely, I remarked, his upbringing had made him homosexual. He laughed. 'My girlfriend would have something to say about that,' he said. You are who you are. And that’s all that Jeff and I and others who endorse same-sex marriage want anyone to be." - Frank Bruni, writing for the New York Times.

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