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OHIO: Family Of GOP Anti-Gay Senate Candidate Takes Out Ad Against Him

The family of Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, who is running for the Senate against Democratic incumbent Sherrod Brown, has placed a newspaper ad denouncing Mandel for his anti-gay positions. An excerpt from their ad:
Your cousins, Ellen Ratner and Cholene Espinoza, are among the many wonderful couples whose rights you do not recognize. They were married almost eight years ago in Massachusetts, at a time when it was the only state in the nation to allow same-sex marriage. Their wedding, like yours, was a beautiful and happy occasion for all of us in our family. It hurts us that you would embrace discrimination against them and countless other loving couples in Ohio and around the country.

  We are equally distressed by your belief that gay men and women should not be allowed to serve openly in the military. Like you, Cholene spent many years in the armed forces. A graduate of the Air Force Academy and an accomplished pilot, she became the second woman in history to fly the U-2 reconnaissance plane. And yet, you have argued that she, like many gay and lesbian soldiers, should be forced to live a life of secrecy and lies.

The letter is signed by nine of Mandel's family members.

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