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NOM's Thomas Peters Has The Sadz

"I was disappointed with the results [of the election]. We have to pray for a legal reprieve. The president is against those who are pro-life, pro-marriage, and pro-religious freedom. He may get the change to change the makeup of the Supreme Court. We're facing a serious generational problem. The Affordable Care Act will never be repealed. It will continue to exist as an entitlement of the liberal state. In Minnesota, we tried to pass a marriage protection amendment so that marriage couldn't be redefined by judges. In Maine, voters approved same-sex 'marriage.' In Maryland and Washington, referendums to try to overturn gay marriage failed. We were outraised by 4 to 1, and 8 to 1 in some cases. Yet, in every one of those states, more people voted for marriage than voted for Romney. Traditional marriage lost by only a small margin. The message this sends to Christians is that marriage will not win if it's not defended." - NOM blogger and Vatican shill Thomas Peters, speaking to the National Catholic Register.

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