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Bryan Fischer On Epigenetics

"Now these researchers are quite at pains to avoid saying anything like this, but the logic to me seems inescapable: Homosexual children, on this theory, are born evolutionarily and genetically disadvantaged. They have been overexposed or underexposed to testosterone because something has gone wrong in the process of genetic transmission. In other words, they are the product of a genetic abnormality at best, a birth defect at worst. I expect many abortion-minded parents will want to know exactly how strong this epi-marker is in their unborn children so they can decide whether or not to exercise reproductive choice. In fact, I expect that if this theory gains some currency, it will not be long before we have legislation from the homosexual lobby prohibiting 'sex-selection' abortions on any child carrying this epi-marker." - Bryan Fischer, commenting on the study released yesterday. (Via Right Wing Watch)

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