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Family Research Council: We Know We're Successful Because People Hate Us

Via press release from the Family Research Council:
Dear Joe, The election is now behind us. President Obama gets another four years to wage his war against biblical values. Due to the outcome of the election, some feel the battle to end abortion, stop same-sex "marriage," and preserve religious liberty is lost. Nothing could be further from the truth! The proof of FRC's success is in the recognition our opponents have granted to us. Powerful and well-funded anti-Christian groups and individuals, such as the Freedom From Religion Foundation and George Soros, have joined forces with the mainstream media, attempting to silence and discredit us.

The culture of hatred they fomented reached such a fury that an enraged gunman attacked FRC headquarters in August and wounded a member of our team who bravely disarmed the assailant. Needless to say, the intense activity on multiple fronts this past year has made 2012 one of the most challenging years we've ever had to face financially. Our resources have been stretched to the limit, yet our supporters have risen to the occasion. And now, due to the reelection of President Obama, FRC anticipates that 2013 will be an even more formidable year.
The email closes with a demand for FRC's followers to donate $3M by the end of the year so they can prevent "losing the very foundation that has made America an exceptional nation."

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