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Phyllis Schlafly: End Early Voting

"When President Obama cast his ballot more than a week before Election Day, he did something no other President had ever done: he voted early. He did it to encourage many of his supporters to vote early also, which they did. Nearly half of Americans voted before Election Day this year. That was a record. This changed the way presidential campaigns are conducted and had a big influence on the final outcome. By the time Election Day arrived, many Americans felt that their vote no longer counted as much on Election Day as it once did. [snip] A Generation ago, Election Day was respected by Americans almost as much as the 4th of July, and this tradition caused high voter turnout by our citizens. But early voting has denigrated this tradition in many states, to the harm of our political system. One important lesson we can learn from the recent election is that States with early voting should repeal it so that the tradition of the importance of Election Day may be restored." - Phyllis Schlafly, who claims that President Obama won because of early voting.

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