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Brian Brown Writes From France

"I write to you from France, where a pro-marriage rebellion is underway! Francois Hollande, the ultra liberal President of France, swept into power last May, promising among many other things a swift legalizing of same-sex marriage and adoption. But the people of France did not want this to be. You see, the French people know in their bones that every child deserves a mother and father. And so they took to the streets – hundreds of thousands of them! I am proud to be a part of this historic moment in France. I have been so excited to be part of this new international solidarity movement in defense of marriage, children and family. I will certainly be reflecting more on this experience on my flight home.

"And I would ask you to join me in thinking about more creative ways we can proclaim our pro-marriage views with passion and conviction...and in the public square where our fellow Americans can see our fervor and resolution. I can't wait to come back to the country I love. But I am inspired to see that those of us in America who hold the institution of marriage sacred truly have so many friends overseas and around the world. A new day is dawning for marriage. As I said when I ended a speech last night before a group of French leaders in the fight to protect marriage: Vive le Marriage -- Vive la France!" - Hate group leader, Vatican stooge, and foreign meddler Brian Brown, whose own webmaster created and hosted a website for France's hate rally.

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