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NOM's Thomas Peters: Most Young Republicans Still Hate Same-Sex Marriage

"We need to remember that the same pundits who are currently lauding the victory of same-sex marriage in liberal states like Maine and Washington last November conveniently chose to ignore that in North Carolina earlier that same year, marriage won among under-40s by about eight points. The recent elections, in other words, did not necessarily show age-related demographic shifts as much as they highlighted the already-existing ethnic and geographical realities of the voting electorate. With a few of these facts and statistics in mind, one can now see how misguided Republican elites such the Illinois state GOP chairman are when they claim the GOP needs to abandon its stance on marriage to attract young voters. Instead, the GOP must continue to strengthen marriage if it wants to be appealing to Millenials in the long run." - NOM blogger Thomas Peters, writing for the National Review.

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