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The Skivvies - Hardbody Hoedown

Stacy Lambe writes at Buzzfeed:
The quirky duo is comprised of Nick Cearley and Lauren Molina, both broadway actors who came together to perform in nothing but their underwear. [T]heir covers are (often hilarious) acoustic mashups of popular hip-hop, R&B and pop songs, usually only accompanied by a cello, ukulele, glockenspiel and/or melodica. After hosting several live revues with fellow broadway stars, the band released their first single, which is available for download on BandCamp. “The mashups we’ve been doing at our live shows naturally led us to our parody single, 'Hardbody Hoedown,' where we give the filthiest rap the prettiest twang,” says Cearley.
The clip is directed by Augusten Burroughs (!) and contains language very not safe for the office. NOTE: I posted this clip last week but it vanished from YouTube.  Today it is back.

(Tipped by JMG reader Eric)

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