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PUERTO RICO: Massive Crowd Attends Anti-Gay Marriage Rally In San Juan

There's not yet much coverage of yesterday's event in the English-language news media, but hate groups are claiming that as many as 200,000 Christians rallied in San Juan against the potential of same-sex marriage. There's no telling what the actual attendance was, but the crowd was definitely very large. Via Focus On The Family:
The crowd represented a notable percentage of the island’s population of three-and-a-half million. People of diverse backgrounds and denominations including Pentecostal, Baptist, Catholic and Disciples of Christ participated. The U.S. territory does not allow same-sex marriage. However, a constitutional amendment defining marriage as one-man and one-woman failed in 2008, meaning civil unions or other bills granting special protections to same-sex couples could become law. The rally was a pre-emptive strike against creating same-sex marriage in Puerto Rico, according to Caribbean Business. “The majority of Puerto Ricans believe marriage is what it has always been: one man and one woman, and that family comes forth from that relationship,” rally coordinator Dr. Cesar Vázquez Muñíz told CitizenLink. “It affirms the values on marriage and family that our society has had all its history.”
Note that school children were bussed into the event.

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