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NOM Slams Times On Musgrave

"Congresswoman Musgrave is a hero for marriage and was the lead sponsor of the original Federal Marriage Amendment in 2003. The fact that the New York Times would falsely claim above-the-fold that she now supports repealing a law to protect marriage without even checking with her shows the desperation of some in the media to push this absurd notion that Republicans support the repeal of laws passed by Americans to protect marriage." -Hate group leader and Vatican stooge Brian Brown.

RELATED: The Times reporter in question has explained her mistake, which was not, as Brown claims, part of a vast anti-Jesus conspiracy.
"Here's what happened," she e-mails. "A former district director for Marilyn Musgrave signed the brief, but her title was so long that it actually took up two lines, pushing the congresswoman's name onto a line all by itself. So when you read down the list, it looked like Ms. Musgrave had signed — when in fact she had not." Stolberg says she was "horrified" when she realized her mistake. "I corrected it immediately, called Ms. Musgrave and apologized, and she accepted. A good lesson in journalism: Check everything twice, and we are only human."

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