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CANADA: Circumcision Opponents To Protest Appearances By Oprah Winfrey

Canadian anti-circumcision activists say they will protest outside several  appearances by Oprah Winfrey because she has endorsed a skincare line that uses human cells harvested from foreskins. Via the Jewish Press:
“How would Oprah respond if a skin cream for men hit the market that was made using cells from the genitalia of little girls? I think she would be absolutely disgusted and appalled, and rightly so. So it’s crazy that she’s doing the opposite,” the group’s founder Glen Callender told the Toronto Star. “We think it’s extremely hypocritical and distasteful that Oprah Winfrey — who is herself a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and an outspoken opponent of female genital mutilation — at the same time uses and promotes a product that wouldn’t exist if not for the forcible genital mutilation of boys.”
The founder of the skincare line says that the cells are grown from a single foreskin obtained over 20 years ago.

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