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AussieMite: It's Sacrelicious

Via the Australian media site Mumbrella:
Food brand AussieMite has created an ad which seeks to be deliberately controversial showing Catholic worshippers dipping sacramental wafers into the spread. Sydney’s Grown-Ups created the 30-second ad, which shows several people at a mass receiving communion. The woman who approaches the alter last dips her sacramental wafer in a jar of AussieMite before offering it to the priests.
The Herald Sun reports that so far the local Catholic Church is avoiding giving the brand the satisfaction of reacting in anger.
The Catholic Church has refused to play a part in stoking the controversy by reacting strongly to the provocation. "It's not done with any humour," Father Brian Lucas, general secretary of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, said. "It's been done as a deliberate strategy to cause offence to maximise publicity for a product that has no other means of attracting an audience."

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