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Louisiana House Bans Gay Surrogacy

On Sunday the Louisiana House approved a bill that bans unmarried couples from entering into surrogacy contracts. The bill now heads to the desk of Gov. Bobby Jindal.
The final version of Senate Bill 162 defines "intended parents" as "married persons," thus barring unmarried partners and same-sex couples from becoming parents through surrogacy. However, much of the opposition to the heavily amended bill came from religious and conservative groups who consider all surrogacy "anti-life." Louisiana law currently states any surrogate contract in the state is "unenforceable" and absolutely null and void, which proponents of the bill says has led to problems surrounding the legal rights of surrogate mothers, their spouses and the intended parents.
The bill is opposed by the Catholic Church, who does not want anybody to be able to use surrogacy services. Also opposing the bill is the National Organization for Women (NOW), which says surrogacy "turns women into exploitable commodities through financial inducement."

Rejected was a GOP amendment which would have voided the bill entirely if the Supreme Court overturns DOMA. In other words, the amendment would have banned surrogacy for everyone if gay couples suddenly became eligible. (Tipped by JMG reader Ken)

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