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NY Post Publishes "Ex-Gay" Column

"While my sexual orientation is an important part of me, so is my faith. If SOCE therapy had been banned, as the SPLC is seeking to do by misusing consumer-fraud laws, I wouldn’t have simply chosen to accept my attractions. Instead, I would’ve remained stuck in shame, isolation and pain. It’s ironic that an SPLC victory in this lawsuit would bring about the very effect it claims to be trying to prevent. I understand that my life may have little appeal to others. You may be surprised that people like me even exist; we have little reason to make an issue of our sexuality, so you seldom find us waving placards in parades or rallies, but there are a lot of us." - Mormon "ex-gay" leader Jeff Bennion, writing for the New York Post.

RELATED: Bennion is the co-founder of North Star International, which you'll be shocked to learn is selling conference packages right now.  Hit Zack Ford's post about North Star and learn about their crackpottery.

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