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Don Lemon Vs Ben Ferguson

CNN host Don Lemon and right wing radio host Ben Ferguson tangled yesterday over Tea Party rally attendees that waved a Confederate flag and called the president a Muslim.
“Ben, you have to be embarrassed by this video,” Lemon said to conservative radio host Ben Ferguson. “You’re not embarrassed for some members of your party?” When Ferguson tried to argue that the protest was comprised of a handful of people not affiliated with conservatives or Republicans, Lemon cut him off. “Who initiated this protest? It was tea party Republicans. Cut the crap.” Lemon played a clip of Freedom Watch’s Larry Klayman telling Obama to “put the Quran down” and resign the presidency. “You found a crazy guy,” Ferguson said. “Congratulations! There’s 360 million Americans, and you found a crazy guy and you put him on national TV.” “People like that crazy guy are the reason people are furloughed,” Lemon replied. “It’s the reason there’s gridlock right now, it’s the reason that we have a government shutdown. It’s because a small faction of the Republican Party—people like that guy—are holding Americans hostage.”
Watch Lemon smack Ferguson down.

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