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WEDNESDAY: Michigan Marriage Hearing

On Wednesday, US District Judge Bernard Friedman is expected to issue a ruling on whether Michigan's 2004 ban on same-sex marriages violates the Constitution.  Activists, officials, and same-sex couples are ready to move quickly in the event of a positive ruling.
Should he lift the ban on same-sex marriage and decline to issue a stay while it’s being appealed, same-sex marriage would be legal in Michigan until a higher court overturned it. Dozens, and perhaps hundreds, of same-sex couples are preparing to tie the knot Wednesday afternoon, according to organizers in the gay and lesbian communities. Ingham and Washtenaw counties are among those offering to waive waiting times for marriage licenses, and 44 clergy members statewide will be on call to perform ceremonies, according to Randy Block of the Michigan Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network, who has compiled a list of available county clerks and clergy.
Friedman was nominated to the federal bench in 1988 by Ronald Reagan. That he refused to throw out the marriage challenge is considered promising.

RELATED: With action also scheduled in Hawaii and New Mexico this month, it's possible that we'll add another three states to the side of justice in October.

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