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Billboard Of The Day

The billboard is on Interstate 15 in Salt Lake City.
American Atheists President David Silverman explained in a news release, "Our message is this: If you don’t believe anymore, don’t continue to base your identity in Mormonism. You’re so much more than an ‘ex-Mormon’; you’re an atheist." The three children were on board with the ad, Monnett says. He says people have accused him of brainwashing, but he allows them to draw their own conclusions. "The lack of pushing a belief system is not pushing a belief system," he says. As for invoking the LDS Church, Utah State University chair of Mormon History and Culture Philip Barlow says it’s only natural that the American Atheists would mention the elephant in the room. "It will certainly make some Latter-day Saints feel uneasy, but I think that’s just a natural outcome of where we are," he says. "The sign certainly wouldn’t look like that if we were in Dallas or Chicago."
The LDS Church has declined to comment on the campaign. (Tipped by JMG reader Matthew)

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