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Quote Of The Day - Trestin Meacham

"I'm seriously considering moving to Russia in a few years. They have far more economic freedom. And are the only developed nation that actually promotes and fights for traditional values. America has become one of the most oppressive countries on earth. Yes, it has really come to that, I'm considering leaving America for Russia to get away from a Marxist government. Oh how far we have fallen since I was a child. Only if Putin stays in power, because he is the only leader I've seen with the guts to stand up to homo-fascist movement. Anything would be better than what the gay movement is doing in America. If I stay here they will have me jailed and drudged for the rest of my life. They won't stop. I don't think you get how hard it is to be a Mormon in gay America. They simply will not let us breath. We are to their movement what the Jews were to the Nazis, and in time they will be trying to march us into ovens. And if you don't believe me, I have hundreds of message from them to back up that claim. You just don't get it. Try dealing with them for one day, like we do. It really is becoming like Nazi Germany for us. I know Russia has problems, I do, but it and the Muslim countries are about the only place to escape the homosexuals." - Trestin Meacham, whose alleged 15-day fast against same-sex marriage in Utah earned international headlines.

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