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Tony Perkins Has The New Mexico Sadz

"The once-conservative Governor of New Mexico decided to pack it in and go home when her state's supreme court ruled the wrong way on marriage. Instead of standing her ground, Martinez waved the white flag on a potential state marriage amendment -- yielding every ounce of her power to an out-of-control judiciary with political goals. Before the judges sided with the radical Left, there was a strong consensus that the state should introduce a marriage amendment and let the people decide. Monday, Martinez handed the victory to New Mexico liberals on a platter, insisting that the state should focus on other issues like the economy and education reform. Obviously, Governor Martinez needs a class in basic civics, because the court doesn't write the law -- legislators do. And it's absolutely indefensible that a leader who ran on a pro-marriage platform would renege on her word and silence constituents. If Governor Martinez won't do her job, then conservative clerks shouldn't have to perform theirs." - KKK-affiliated hate group leader Tony Perkins, via email.

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