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UTAH: State AG Dropped Procreation Argument In Marriage Stay Demand

The Salt Lake Tribune reports:
Utah made a subtle shift in its arguments in defense of opposite-sex marriage in a stay application to the U.S. Supreme Court filed Tuesday. Gone is any mention of procreation. Instead, the state talks about child-rearing without discussing how children may be produced. Utah argues one reason it is likely to ultimately prevail in reversing legalization of same-sex marriage in the state is the "large and growing body of social science research" that supports its "rational" interest in opposite-sex marriage. That research, it argues, backs "the importance of providing unique encouragement and protection for man-woman unions" because it shows children do best when raised by their father and mother (whether biological or adoptive) and limiting access to marriage to such unions increases that likelihood. These are the core "legislative facts" that lawmakers and voters have relied on in limiting marriage to man-woman unions, it says.
So they are essentially basing their entire case on the debunked Regnerus study. (Tipped by JMG readers Dwight and Gilberto)

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