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Harlem Parents Turn Hate Billboard Into Fundraiser For Ali Forney Center

Wonderful news via the New York Daily News:
A group of Harlem parents are taking a notorious homophobic pastor’s hate and turning it into something positive. Stacy Parker Le Melle and other Harlem parents were so angered by hate-filled signs outside of the ATLAH World Missionary Church on Lenox Ave. that they launched a fund-raiser Tuesday to support a local LGBT youth program. “We wanted to channel our anger into something positive,” said Le Melle, who spearheaded the fund-raiser for the Ali Forney Center. “We had to do something because we don’t want people to think that’s how we feel.” The campaign comes on the heels of Pastor James David Manning’s latest homophobic screed, which he posts on a sign outside of his church despite community disapproval.
Read my previous stories about the church and its evil pastor at this link. Ali Forney, for whom the LGBT youth homeless shelter was named, was murdered on the streets of Harlem in 1997.  The donation page for Harlem Against Violence & Homophobia is right here.

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