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Rod Dreher: GSLEN Are The Bullies

"If enough people start resisting these fascist tactics to compel consent and demonize dissent, if enough people say I’m not afraid, and I’m not unquestioningly obedient, this will stop. It will only get worse until people stand up and say they’re tired of being bullied by this crowd. GLSEN may be supported by major American corporations, but they are a bunch of intolerant bullies. McDonalds, Disney, Target, IBM — you guys back bullies. When a teacher loses control of his classroom out of fear that his students may rile the mob up to demand his job — and no teacher in this man’s school dares to deny the protesters what they want; perhaps it protects them from supervisors above and students below — it’s time to fight back." - Rod Dreher, writing about the Day Of Silence for The American Conservative.

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