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Liberty Counsel: Michigan Marriage Must Be Stopped Or There Will Be More STDs

The Liberty Counsel yesterday filed a brief with the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in which they claim that Michigan must not allow same-sex marriage because it would somehow increase the incidence of STDs.
Not only is there no bodily good or function toward which two same-sex bodies can coordinate, but there are in fact inherent harms associated with same-sex unions. For example, homosexual males are at exponentially higher risk of developing a variety of sexually transmitted diseases, and have increased risks of developing various cancers and medical conditions because of the nature of same-sex sex. The personal, social and financial costs of these homosexual-specific health problems concern not just those who engage in homosexual activity, but also the larger community of citizens who help provide services and who must bear part of the burdens imposed by the health challenges. It would be rational for the voters of Michigan to seek to minimize the deleterious effects of these conditions on public health, safety and welfare by affirming that marriage in Michigan remains the union of one man and one woman.
Notably, the Liberty Counsel makes no mention of their erstwhile hero Mark Regnerus, who was so brutally eviscerated during Michigan's marriage trial. You'll also be amused to learn that they cite a 2007 article by Prop 8 witness David Blankenhorn, who now supports same-sex marriage.

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