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Launched: LGBT History Tours Of NYC

From Oscar Wilde Tours:
Everyone knows that gay liberation began on a summer night in June 1969, with the Stonewall riots in Greenwich Village. But who knows that Mae West was arrested in Manhattan for producing a pro-gay-rights play in 1926? Or that Walt Whitman read his homoerotic poems to friends at a bar on Broadway? New York is bursting with gay lore and gay history—and Oscar Wilde Tours is bringing it all out of the closet. From Herman Melville to Leonard Bernstein, from Edna St. Vincent Millay to Andy Warhol, and from James Baldwin to Rudi Nureyev, New York has been home to an astonishing array of gay artists and celebrities—men and women who have shaped American culture and made gay history. If you want to discover this history in depth, Oscar Wilde Tours is your destination. We are proud to offer the first tours covering the entire gay history of New York — plus a tour of homoerotic art in the Metropolitan Museum.
The tours include a four-hour bus tour of Manhattan and Brooklyn, two-hour walking tours of the East Village and Greenwich Village, and the above-cited tour of the Met. Get tickets at the link.

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