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Bobby Jindal: I Won't Cave On RFRA

"Let me be crystal clear ā€“ I absolutely intend to fight for the passage of this legislation ā€“ and any other that seeks to preserve our most fundamental freedoms. The truth is, this should not be a conservative vs liberal debate. Last I checked, we were all in favor of the Bill of Rights. And here in Louisiana, as long as Iā€™m your governor, we will protect religious liberty and not apologize for it. Diversity of belief and religious liberty are the foundation of our law and Constitution and they should be protected. In the United States, a state should not be able to take adverse action against an individual for holding a sincerely held religious view regarding marriage. That would be true discrimination." - Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, in yesterday's State Of The State address.

More from the Associated Press:
A religious objections bill similar to laws that have ignited a political firestorm in Arkansas and Indiana ran into a roadblock with the Louisiana Legislature on Monday, the first day of the legislative session. Though it is supported by Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal, the "Marriage and Conscience Act" is opposed by Senate President John Alario, who said "it puts Louisiana in a light of hatred and bigotry and discrimination. "And as lawmakers gaveled in the spring session, the bill wasn't sent to a House committee, stalling the measure, at least temporarily, from getting a public hearing or legislative vote. In fact, of the hundreds of bills introduced Monday, the proposal sponsored by Rep. Mike Johnson, R-Bossier City, was the only bill that was not sent to committee.

The measure was bottled up after a legislator tried to take action on the bill while Johnson wasn't present, said Rep. Walt Leger, the No. 2 ranking lawmaker who was presiding at the time. Leger, D-New Orleans, an opponent of the legislation, wouldn't provide further details about what action was sought. Johnson did not return requests for comment. As written, the legislation would ban the state from denying any resident business licenses, benefits or tax deductions because of any actions that person takes "in accordance with a religious belief or moral conviction" about marriage. Affected businesses could include wedding planners, photographers and bakers who object to working with gay couples but fear state retribution.

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