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NOM Launches Fund For Hate March

Dozens of emailed and blogged money begs have apparently not helped very much so NOM has launched a last minute GoFundMe drive for their hate march on the Supreme Court.
We have one remaining opportunity at the March for Marriage in Washington DC on April 25th to show the justices of the court that we want them to respect our votes and our values and uphold the right of states to preserve true marriage. Thousands of people are planning on coming to Washington to stand up for the truth of marriage, but there are thousands more who wish to come, but lack resources for transportation. This GoFundMe campaign will raise money to subsidize buses from throughout the country, many of which will originate in urban communites. Nobody should be denied the opportunity to march for marriage due to finances. The campaign will subsidize at least twenty buses. Additional funds raised beyond our goal will be used to support more buses of marriage supporters.

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