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Protester Ejected From SCOTUS Hearing

Via the Guardian:
A protester has been removed from the supreme court after a “big outburst”, reports SCOTUSblog’s Eric Citron and the Huffington Post’s Ryan Reilly. From Citron: “A protestor has just been removed from the Courtroom – it came immediately after the petitioner’s argument. Hard to hear what he’s saying, and he’s been removed.” Citron’s colleague Tejinder Singh says he “could hear the man continuing to shout as the guards escorted him from the courtroom and into the building. The Supreme Court building is not the best, acoustically, so it was hard to make out what he was saying, but it sounded like an anti-same-sex marriage rant.”
More from the Wall Street Journal: "As the first segment of the argument came to a close, an older man with white hair and beard stood up in the courtroom and screamed, 'Homosexuality is an abomination!' and something about how if the court allows it, that would be terrible. He continued screaming as officers removed him from the courtroom. Even through closed doors, he could be heard inside the courtroom screaming the same over and over as he was taken away."

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