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Super PACs Raise $31M For Ted Cruz

$31M in the first week. So they claim.
The groups, four super PACs sharing variations of the name Keep the Promise, were established and secured commitments with virtually no warning over the course of several days beginning Monday. Dathan Voelter, an Austin, Tex., lawyer and friend of Mr. Cruz who is serving as treasurer for three of the super PACs, said the four organizations would operate in tandem, all seeking to help elect the Texas senator as president. Most of the contributions have already arrived, he said, and the remainder will be collected by the four groups by the end of the week. The dollar figures could not be independently verified, and none of the groups will need to file campaign disclosures with the Federal Election Commission until July. But an outside spending campaign of that size, combined with Mr. Cruz’s demonstrated ability to pull in dollars from small donors, would substantially offset Mr. Cruz’s difficulties in building a traditional network of regular large donors and volunteer fund-raisers, known as bundlers.

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