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Ben Carson To Announce Tomorrow

Via the Detroit News:
In Michigan on Monday, Carson will pray with a group of pastors at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History before officially launching his bid for the Republican presidential nomination before supporters at the Detroit Performing Arts Center. He chose to launch his campaign in his hometown, and his afternoon is booked with events across Iowa. Faith has permeated Carson's personal, professional and now his public life. His political manifesto contains frequent references to the Ten Commandments and God's creation. He uses parables to explain policy goals. His 2014 book "One Nation" slams the "godless" government. His swift rise in conservative circles began after he criticized President Barack Obama's health care policies at the February 2013 prayer breakfast — as Obama sat two seats away.
Carson has never held elected office, a fact rarely mentioned by his conservative supporters who regularly denounce Hillary Clinton's "lack of accomplishments."

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