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NORTH CAROLINA: Senate Overrides Gov's Veto Of Magistrates Refusal Bill

Via the Associated Press:
The state Senate voted Monday night to cancel Gov. Pat McCrory's veto of a bill that would allow some North Carolina court officials to refuse to perform gay marriage activities because of religious objections. The 32-16 vote was above the three-fifths threshold necessary to override a veto. The bill still must clear the House again for the veto to be blocked and the law enacted. That vote was scheduled for Wednesday in the House, where the outcome is less certain because 10 lawmakers were absent last week when the bill first passed. The bill says the court officials who disclose a "sincerely held religious objection" must stop performing marriage duties for both gay and heterosexual couples for at least six months. The chief District Court judge or the county register of deeds - both elected officials - would fill in on marriages if needed.
Republicans dominate the North Carolina House by 74-45-1. The initial vote to approve the bill in that chamber was 65-44. The three-fifths override threshold is 72 votes.

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