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TEXAS: Gov. Greg Abbott Rejects Special Session To Continue Marriage Battle

Via San Antonio's WOAI:
Social conservative groups, including the Texas Eagle Forum, Texas Values, and a group called Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, specifically want Abbott to recall lawmakers to consider a bill that would prohibit county clerks from issuing same sex marriage licenses. A 1980 U.S. Supreme Court case, Harris v. McRae, held that states cannot be required to spend state money enforcing a federal mandate, in that case abortion. But Abbott says it won't happen. "I do not anticipate any special session," he told News Radio 1200 WOAI. "They got their job done on time, and don't require any overtime." Under Texas law, only the governor can call the Legislature into special session, and only to discuss the items the governor specifically places on the agenda.
Jonathan Saenz will be ever so pissed.

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