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Franklin Graham Celebrates Clerk Who Quit Rather Than Issue Marriage Licenses

"'I choose to obey God rather than man.' These were the words in Linda Barnette’s resignation letter last week. After 24 years serving as a Clerk of Court in Mississippi, Linda had to choose between her job and her faith as a result of the Supreme Court’s ruling to allow same-sex marriage in all 50 states. I have known Linda for many years—her husband, Sherman, worked on the team that sets up my Festivals with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for 30 years before retiring just a short time ago, and she has helped with many Festivals herself. I appreciate her boldness to stand firm for her sincerely held religious beliefs. More and more Americans will be facing decisions like this as our nation continues to go against God’s laws and standards." - Franklin Graham, posting today to his Facebook page.

VIDEO: Barnette takes her martyr tour to Fox News.

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