Main | Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Last Chance To Shoot The Freak

You've got one more summer to enjoy Coney Island, America's most renowned beachfront. At the end of summer 2007, a huge chunk of Brooklyn's (and the country's) history will suffer the exorable march of gentrification when Coney Island's Astroland will be plowed under to make room for a $1.5B complex of "upscale condo towers" and "shopping arcades" along with a new water park and high-tech rollercoaster.

The world-famous Cyclone will survive the ax, as it sits slightly away from Astroland on city-owned property. But say goodbye to the Wonder Wheel, the Parachute Drop and the Astroland Tower. I'm glad I finally visited Coney Island this summer (photo from the visit above), now I've just got to get back and play Shoot The Freak before it's too late.

First Times Square, now Coney Island. The gritty, crummy, New York City of song and legend is almost entirely gone. But cheer up, there's a new Starbucks right across the street!

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