Main | Wednesday, December 13, 2006


This morning while channel surfing over breakfast, three different news channels mentioned a new study from Consumer Reports which reveals that expensive designer anti-wrinkle creams are out-performed by the cheapest skin creams, with drugstore brand Olay Regenerist, at $19, being shown to be more effective than upscale glop that sells for hundreds of dollars an ounce.

What none of the tv stories reported was the part of the study that reported that NONE of the products actually worked to reduce wrinkles and fine lines more than 10%, "a change barely visible to the naked eye." Consumer Reports: "The tests revealed that, on average, these products made little difference in the skin's appearance."

So essentially, everybody is wasting their time and money and I feel a little bit better about my own skin care regimen, which is this: Sometimes, in the shower, I let the water hit my face.

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