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Giuliani Wing-Nut Makeover Continues

Failing to reciprocate the love offered last week by Newsday's bizarre declaration that Rudy Giuliani is the presidential candidate with the best track record on gay rights, "America's Mayor" is now backing away from his previous support for gay civil unions. Now, campaign staffers are telling the Boston Globe that Giuliani feels New Hampshire's civil union law "goes too far" because "it is the equivalent of marriage." Empire State Pride Agenda head Joe Tarver says he is "disappointed" and that backing away from civil unions is "pretty un-Giuliani-like" Tarver said: "It's quite obvious he's playing to the people whose votes he needs to get the Republican nomination."

Scumbag. Two-faced. Enemy of the people. And our second nominee for Asshat Of The Year. Move over, Mayor Naugle, there's another mayor on the shitlist.

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