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Folsom Is For Grown-Ups

Michelle Malkin ranted yesterday about a gay couple in San Francisco who dressed their two year-old twins in lace and leather collars and took them to Folsom Street Fair. From the SF paper [X]Press:

Two-year-olds Zola and Veronica Kruschel waddled through Folsom Street Fair amidst strangers in fishnets and leather crotch pouches, semi and fully nude men. The twin girls who were also dressed for the event wore identical lace blouses, floral bonnets and black leather collars purchased from a pet store. Fathers Gary Beuschel and John Kruse watched over them closely. They were proud to show the twins off.
Dan Savage responds:

"Damn it. It always unnerves me when I find myself in agreement with right-wing shrieker Michelle Malkin but, uh, she’s got a point: Why would anyone bring his kids to the Folsom Street Fair? As a parent and a homo, I don’t think this is appropriate for kids. I wouldn’t want my child to see straight people behaving so shamelessly in public.

Personally, as a parent, I’m appalled by Gary Beuschel and John Kruse’s decision to take their little girls to Folsom—and in itty-bitty fetish wear no less. I wouldn’t take my kid to Folsom—at nine he’s too young to understand that BDSM is play, cops and robbers for grownups. And, again, I wouldn’t want to have to explain this to him. But I have taken him to gay pride festivals where, yes, the occasional naked person strolls down the street. He thought it was a crazy party."
Folsom Street Fair should be for adults only. Card people at the gates. Why hasn't it been that way all along? Adult babies, that's another story.

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