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PhoboQuotable- Pat Buchanan

"There’s an element of fraud here. When the general did not identify himself as a fierce partisan of Hillary Rodham Clinton and presented himself simply as a military man who had served and was gay. And who obviously did not have the courage, frankly, when he was in the military to come out of the closet and say I’m gay. And to attack the Republicans for lacking the courage to take a position he was unable to take, I think makes him look rather bad." - Right-wing buffoon Pat Buchanan, crying titty baby tears because Brigadier General Keith Kerr made the Republican candidates look bad during the YouTube debate.

Even though the Clinton campaign maintains they had nothing to do with Kerr's appearance at the event, CNN president Joe Klein says, “I think it’s pretty obvious, in retrospect, our search should have turned this up. Had we known ahead of time, we would probably not have used his question. It raised too many flags, in terms of motivation.”

UPDATE: General Kerr will appear on Michelangelo Signorile's show on Sirius OutQ at 2:30pm Eastern to address Buchanan's comments and the charge that he was a Clinton plant.

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